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Are you on the edge about going to a sex shop?

A few ideas to consider before you visit.

  1. You don’t have to go alone. Take your partner and get your flirt game on point or your bestie and have a blast. If you’re new to this, just go in with a sense of humor and loose the negative self talk. Forget everything that you once judged these facilities for and have some fun. It can be so much fun, especially if the place has an adult theatre or private rooms in the back. I recommend exploring all the nooks and crannies, because you have no idea what you might find. I live for experience, the good, the strange and the WTF did I just see? You never know what might awaken inside that dirty little mind of yours, and this is the playground to see what you can get into.

2. The girls and guys behind the counter know about the products, either by personal experience or from the folks that frequent the place. They see the new stuff and they have the insight. Ask the questions that you are formulating. There are some really sweet people that I have encountered and they helped steer me away from spending unnecessarily at times. They have also sparked my imagination a few times in suggesting to get this lube with that dildo… I’ll admit I went against better judgement with that THC infused lube, I like pain, just not the sort that lingers for a week…

3. I know this one is hard for most women, but no one is judging you in the negative way that you might think. It’s actually the opposite. You are showing that you are a strong, decided, sexual person and that carries so much positive sexual energy that you might not be used to handling. Its all good, I promise. Be you, be sexy, be horny and get what you want!!!

4. Ive had some really naughty fantasies come to life in the sex shop back rooms- the arcade being the official weird title. Back in the day, the video machines actually accepted quarters, today you pay a set price and are allowed to come and go as you please. I’ve played with my new purchases back there, with the door opened for others to witness. I’ve walked around naked in search for another room that I wanted to have some stand up fun in. I have a list of things to do in there still, and with time will check them off… stay tuned…

5. Most importantly, remember that you deserve to have a sex life that makes you feel special, sexy, naughty and fills your needs. This is your life and you are the creator. Now, before you close your eyes tonight I want you to do one thing for you and you can share with me if you would like. I would like that very much. Ask yourself this: what is that dirty little thought that makes me cum? That scenario or act that I want to do, that seems so taboo, so bad I haven’t been able to say out loud…. That thing that I want to share with my partner that I know will make us so hot….

Sabine the Party 👑

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