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Chicago "BOUND" Red Couch Event

Lu and I are gathering our bondage and sex

Sabine the Party Queen from Lifeinstyle, getting flogged at our 4th Anniversary Event
Me, getting flogged at our 4th Anniversary Event

toys in preparation for the next Red Couch event “BOUND, fetish party”. I’ll have my choker, lingerie and bisexuality in check and amped up in lieu of a good time. Time to start browsing around for a sexy BDSM mask to take my attire to the next level.

The theme is an area of play that we enjoy and if you know me at all you know that this makes me crazy excited!! ! This will be our first Red Couch event and we are anxious to be in attendance. We adore Chicago and love to travel for a visit, the pizza is always an added bonus!

NSW2020 gave us the opportunity to meet this sexy pair and so many others and we are thrilled to reconnect. Maybe if I behave badly I’ll get a spanking good enough to tell you all about!!. 😈

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