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The suede whip

From the desk of Sabine the Party 👑

The suede whip was one of many kinky, naughty gifts from my guy. I had never played with one before, so I was nervous at first and then pleasantly surprised. It became a huge turn on along with a heavy sense of relief. The experience was enlightening as a door in my mind opened wide for the first time. I was able to finally view a piece of myself that came with a deep realization of who I have always been. I found that being spanked, tied, bound, or flogged can separate my thoughts enough to grant clarity and sense of peace and strength. I have taken some spankings that challenged my comfort level and left me high on life for the rest of the evening! It’s like a spoon full of sugar, you know that one right?. And the sex that I have had during and after: seriously mind altering.

This led me to really think about life and my navigation through it all. I understand and have a sense of people rather quickly regarding power and the push and pull of it all. l try to be in sync with the energy that I feel and use it to maneuver through situations to help to build relationships. In all the personality tests I have ever taken, it has always been empathy that is my superpower. Explains a lot now that I know a little more about the BDSM stuff… Demisexual beings experience sexual attraction to people that they feel an emotional connection to. I trust the person spanking me or tying me or flogging me and want to experience the pain, to see just how much I can take. I know that they are not trying to injure me, which leads to arousal and great sex . And if it doesn’t lead to sex, it leads to great conversation and friendships, which are such gifts as well.

I feel like we should all know this about ourselves, so why did it take me 30 years to figure it out?? Was I busy being too submissive? The answer is that I was submissive to the wrong people. How do some people get to know this about themselves at such a young age? I am so jealous of you and so happy for you at the same time. Had I been around a person who let me be myself, perhaps I could have concentrated in a more open and free state of mind. I had always been so drained and upset that I could not begin to figure myself out. Shoulda woulda coulda,,, we all know that one right?? Hindsight is always 20/20!! So life and the universe have a funny way with us all and this is my journey.

I have tried to switch and think I am semi successful, but only with women. I like to be told by a strong sexy personality, have my legs grabbed and put into position, my body lifted and flipped, my hair pulled etc etc. I especially like the marks left by a good hand to my ass or thigh, the biting marks of a hard leather piece. Ioften think of the scene in movie GREASE where Kenickie says “ a hickey from Kenickie is like a hallmark card” .This plays in my head when I wake up and check my backside in the mirror over the course of the next few days. A little reminder of the fun and wonderful life that I get to live right now.


I usually have my suede whip with me at events. You know, for those folks that have never had the experience, come find me. I think you’ll like what I have to offer.:)

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