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What is a Sip and Swap

What is a Sip and Swap Party?

Lifeinstyle #SipandSwap La Bellla Notte

Date: Friday September 22  2023
Time: 4:00 PM, arrive whenever
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Admission: $69 per couple, rooms available at the Hotel Takeover
Single ladies FREE COVER
Use Discount code ILVINO for a limited time

A Sip and Swap is not your ordinary event. 

Update 09/22 Check for the email update sent to you with the event details from Lifeinstyle

It's an evening where you bring a bottle of wine that resonates with your taste, share it with fellow Lifestyle couples, and mingle in an sexy atmosphere. As the wine flows and conversations sparkle, the night transforms into a sultry Lingerie Party that continues into the early hours. It's an opportunity to make new connections, create unforgettable memories, and celebrate the essence of Lifeinstyle. Secure your spot today and use code "ILVINO" for an exclusive presale discount. Don't miss out on this extraordinary event!

Sip and Swap party St Louis

Prepare to step into a sexy Italian world with Lifeinstyle Sip and Swap La Bella Notte

Prepare to step into a sexy Italian world with Lifeinstyle Sip and Swap La Bella Notte

We're blending Italy's romance, wine culture, and the essence of Lifeinstyle for a memorable night. 


Al Fresco or Sala? (Indoor or Outdoor?)

Depending on Mother Nature, our soiree might take place sotto le stelle (under the stars) for a truly Italian experience. 


Scegli la Tua Bottiglia (Choose Your Bottle)

Start your 'serata' (evening) by picking a wine that echoes your personality.


Arrivo con Stile (Arrival with Style)

Enter the Lifeinstyle Lounge, where Italian elegance meets sexy vibes.


BYOG (Porta il Tuo Bicchiere) (Bring Your Own Glass) 

Show off your quirkiest 'calice di vino' (wine glass)—it's a bring-your-own-glass affair!


Condivisione e Cura (Sharing and Care)

Mix, pour, and engage in 'la bella conversazione' (beautiful conversation) that's enhanced by wine.


Degustazione Informale (Casual Wine Tasting) Our wine aficionado will circulate, offering pours of 'vini diversi' (different wines) into your unique glasses.

what is a Lifeinstyle sip and swap

Dive into a Lifeinstyle night where 'il vino scorre' (the wine flows), 'le conversazioni scintillano' (conversations sparkle), and 'l'avventura' (adventure) is just a toast away!

Socializza e Scopri (Socialize and Discover)

Forge new friendships and perhaps discover your next 'avventura romantica' (romantic adventure).


Dal Sip al Swap al Lingerie Party (From Sip to Swap to Lingerie Party)

As the evening matures, prepare for the Lingerie Party that continues until 'l'una di mattina' (1 AM).


Codice di Abbigliamento (Dress Code)

The evening calls for 'semi-formale' (semi-formal) with a touch of Italian flair. Feel free to switch into your most inviting lingerie as the night progresses. 


Biglietti (Tickets) 

Disponibilità Limitata (Limited Availability): Secure your 'posto' (spot) now to avoid disappointment.


Sicurezza Verificata (Verified Safety)

Rest assured, 'tutti gli ospiti' (all guests) are verified for a safe and delightful 'esperienza' (experience).

What is a Lifeinstyle Sip and Swap
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