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Lifeinstyle Veterans and Active Duty Personnel Discount for the 2023 Veterans Ball November 11

We're talking 50% off your room and party tickets, baby! That's right, HALF OFF just to say THANK YOU for your kickass service!

Now, pay attention, because this part's important: This deal is only for Approved Lifeinstyle members. If you're not approved yet, then what are you waiting for? Go get approved, then come back here. No crashers at this party!

Here's What You Gotta Do:2

  1. Fill in the Form and Click on the 'Upload' button below. 

  2. Find a picture of you in your glorious service days. 

  3. Wait for the fireworks. Once we verify you, you'll get that 50% discount code for your Veterans Ball Party!

๐Ÿ›‘ Attention! Attention! This form is intended for Approved Lifeinstyle members ONLY. If you haven't been approved yet, do NOT use this form.

Alright, let's get this party started! Hit that upload button and let's make this Veterans Ball one for the books!

Thanks for your service!
Get your Lifeinstyle US VETERAN discount
In case of two veterans, please submit the information for both.

Upload your picture while serving

Your discount will be sent to your registered lifeinstyle Email. If you don't get it in 24 hours, please contact us. Thanks for your service!

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