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Lifeinstyle Newbie Night & Meet and Greet

Get ready for an sexy evening in St. Louis at Chilanguita Lounge, a hotspot where taste and style collide! Dawn and JD @SexyStlCpl, your gracious Lifeinstyle  hosts, welcome you to Newbie Night on October 13th, a Lifeinstyle event that's not to be missed!!!

Date: Friday, October 13

Cover: 24 per couple, single females no cover
Start Time: 7:00 PM

Dress Code: Dress to impress
Audience: Open-minded couples, single females 
Location: 6997 Chippewa St, St. Louis, MO 63109 **Must be a Lifeinstyle member to join the group**

Dawn and JD Lifeinstyle
Dawn and JD Lifeinstyle

What is a Lifestyle Meet and Greet?

A Meet and Greet is your gateway to new friendships and exciting connections within the Lifestyle community.

It's an informal, welcoming gathering where new and seasoned members can mingle, break the ice, and potentially form lasting relationships. We invite you to join us at 7:00 PM in the cozy Lounge area of Chilanguita, one of St. Louis's most Instagramable venues, to welcome all our new, sexy St. Louis couples who are taking their first steps into the Lifestyle. Whether you're an old hand or a newcomer yourself, come share a drink, a laugh, and maybe even make a special connection. Don't miss this St. Louis night to remember!

When it comes to Instagram-worthy spots in St. Louis, Chilanguita is a must-visit destination.

With its visually stunning Umbrella Patio and several Instagram-friendly LED signs and walls, this venue is a haven for social media enthusiasts. It's not just a place to grab a drink; it's a St. Louis hotspot where every corner is a photo opportunity. From the vibrant colors to the tastefully curated decor, La Chilanguita offers a backdrop for every mood and occasion. Gather up with friends for a memorable night and leave with your phone gallery full of eye-catching snapshots that capture the essence of St. Louis's dynamic social scene. Don't miss your chance to experience one of the most Instagramable places in St. Louis!

La Chilanguita St Louis
La Chilanguita St. Louis

Now, what's a Lifeinstyle event without margaritas?

Chilanguita is serving up $7 margaritas all night, crafted carefully with lime juice, a dash of kosher salt, and a shake of your cocktail shaker. Food, drink, and stew are served to perfection, making for a flavorful, taste-great experience that complements the events of the night. Make sure to grab your tickets; they're just $24 per couple, and this is a members-only party. You must be a Lifeinstyle member to join us in St. Louis for this  event.

Our bartenders are experts at crafting this classic cocktail. Fresh lime juice, premium tequila, orange liqueur, and a touch of agave syrup go into a cocktail shaker, and voilà! Don't forget the kosher salt around the rim, and if you want a hint of something extra, Grand Marnier is always an option for added sweetness.

Thirsty for more? We've got an extensive list of cocktail recipes featuring all the ingredients you'd want for a festive night. Add tequila to the mix or enjoy your birria tacos with an array of dipping sauces, from spicy to sweet. Our margaritas come in multiple flavors, crafted with lime, salt, and triple sec for that perfect blend of sweetness and tartness. The taste will have you dipping your taco in between sips!

St. Louis! Get ready for a night that'll blow your  minds!

The second you walk into this St. Louis hotspot, you're gonna be hit with the mind-bending aroma of birria tacos. We're talking beef so tender it's been slow-cooked to melt-in-your-mouth perfection, alright? Seasoned with chili powder, dried peppers, and all kinds of spices, then garnished with Oaxaca cheese and cilantro.

We've got a kick-ass DJ to make sure you  get your groove on! This is a party in St. Louis that you're not gonna want to forget. We're blending the best of Mexico and the gateway city of St. Louis to offer you something you won't find at any other St. Louis restaurants. So, if you're new to the St. Louis Lifestyle or a grizzled vet, come on down and mix it up with the sexiest couples in St. Louis. Don't miss it!

Live DJ at La Chilanguita
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