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About us 

Are you ready to join the sexiest lifestyle swingers club in St Louis? Welcome to Lifeinstyle! - the fastest growing LS group in the Midwest

Lifeinstyle was founded by Em and Lu in February 2016.

We are couple deeply in love, together for 17 years. We are a regular couple with a beautiful family and amazing kids. 

We together created the Lifeinstyle Events an exclusive community and our focus is solely in providing unique and unforgettable experiences for verified only couples 21+.

We are here to bring like-minded couples together as a community for the ultimate party experience

Our events are catered to those who respect and cherish one another. At Lifeinstyle, we believe our parties are only as good as our guests - and our guests are always the hottest and most adventurous ones! 

We take pride on providing our you with the best party experience every time. Couples travel from all over the USA to party with us every year.

Join us for our parties in St. Louis and all over the Midwest

Let your wild side run free. With Lifeinstyle, you'll discover a whole new level of excitement and intimacy

Don’t wait! Apply for your account today!

No one parties like Lifeinstyle!

picture of the lifeinstyle panda with a blonde women in black lingerie
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