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Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Here they are, Mary and Joe, engaged in conversation with a couple that they had hoped to hit it off with. Plan was to have a few drinks at the bar down the street, to check the mojo first. When the bill is quickly grabbed and paid by the other couple, an uneasy situation is created for Mary. Mary and Joe had already decided not to move forward with the couple for the night, and now the pressure of free drinks is weighing heavily on their minds.

After a quick discussion everyone was game for a change of scenery. The new couple was just a bit on the pushy side, outgoing and fun, but somehow the vibes were not there. This became more clear as the night moved on, and after jokes and more drinks, the

flirtation from their new friends was not reciprocated by all.

Finally, Mary and Joe decided to leave, and it seemed the night was not completely wasted. They felt as though their new acquaintances might be someone, they could meet another time. They had discovered, after spending extra hours with them, how much they had in common.

So, When Joe asked for the bill at this last club, the male from the other couple quickly grabbed it again passing his credit card to the server. No one seemed to mind or to be bothered by paying the bill this time, so ok, now feeling more positive. Perhaps another time, thank you and goodbyes were said as they all continued with their own journey.

Moving forward, Mary and John had received the word from other friends about how upset the couple had been. Their argument was regarding the amount of money they spent on Mary and Joe and how the night didn't progress the way they had wanted. Mary and Joe thought it was all taken care of. One offered, one refused, they spoke the truth, they agreed… Not really though…

Has this happened to you? How did you handle it?

Paying a bill as a guarantee for favors is just not good etiquette. Have you ever felt pressured in this way?

In looking around, I found a few tips for dealing with these situations.

1. Have drinks first and then a private conversation with your partner. Try to be on the same page with one another.

2. Politely make it clear that you will pay your bill.

3. Do not assume or expect others to “owe you”. This is a quick way to get a bad reputation in any community, lifestyle or not.

4. We do not always get what we want and seriously should never be upset that someone else clicked where we did not.

5. We want the LifeinSTyLe community to be a fun, safe, exciting experience, and a place to grow personally.

6. Keep a positive attitude. At the end of the night, you still have each other to hold tight to.

I’d love to hear from you.

Enjoy the sunshine! 🌞

Em, the party 👑

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