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Lifestyle events can be loaded with opportunities for amazing conversation, dancing and flirting and being naughty. Don’t get carried away and forget that consent is the most important factor in these situations. Never assume. Just ask.

A simple question can set the stage for an amazing evening or even better a great connection. To assume that you know how a couple plays or manages their choices, is probably not going to get your experience off to a great start. This goes for men and women.

We were all new to the scene once upon a time. Did anyone ever

a sexy night at Dos Salas, St. Louis MO with Ciggfreeds Liquid and Lace
a sexy night at Dos Salas, St. Louis MO

make you feel uncomfortable by following you around, unwanted touch or sexual advances? Crossing the line is a huge party foul, and not tolerated very well. We should all come to the party to feel good and to go home smiling.

How do you guys play? Can I grab you’re a$$? Are you OK with this? These are a few simple ways that I find out about a people and their comfort level. It is the only way to thrive and to continue in a good community. We should absolutely have the highest level of respect for one another at all times.

Get your game in check, talk to your partner and explore your fantasies in a positive sexy environment. This is the reason you came to the party after all. Isn’t it?

With Lifestyle’s biggest event July 28 – August 1st at Lake of the Ozarks, we want to remind you to always ask.

Let’s Party

By Sabine, the party 👑

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