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Lifestyle Meet and Greets

Meet and greets are a positive tool that not only build community, but they also help normalize this alternative lifestyle choice.  Private parties cater to likeminded adults and set an atmosphere in which couples can express themselves more openly. 

Think of attending as a way to dip your toes in the pond. Likeminded adults partying together with emphasis on meeting new couples, face to face as opposed to utilizing online forums. These low-key settings are perfect for personal exploration while avoiding the pressures that can come with being the “new guys” at a play party.  

Guests come from all levels of experience and play and generally have a good understating of swinger etiquette and code of conduct, or at least they should. There are couples that are willing to discuss, chat and answer any curious questions that you may have. We all have a story or two to tell. We have all had our victories and our failures. Just try to remember that it is a party, and it should be fun. 

For couples new to the lifestyle, these nights are perfect for mingling, chatting, dancing, or just standing around and crowd watching. It is a common misconception that swinger events are aggressive, simply being taboo. So, my advice to you, go in with an open mind to create your definition of the lifestyle. 

This is your adventure, make it work for you. 

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