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My first boudoir set

When we began to post pictures trying to figure out what we were doing, it was intimidating for me. I would see professional photos and would become completely discouraged. I did investigate a few studios in and around the St. Louis Missouri area and the prices simply scared me away once again. It seemed unattainable, and unfair that having sexy shots might not happen for me for all these reasons.

It was at a party that I met a gal with a camera and she seemed like a girl that I could be less nervous with. She was fun, humorous, and easy to be around so we set a date. I have said it online and to many others that it was one of the most enjoyable afternoons of my life. Just she and I in her beautiful, sun filled studio with a mimosa or two to calm my nerves. I found power being with a woman that used her time to make other women feel beautiful, and I trusted her with my feelings. She gave me a version of myself that I never thought possible. I love telling other women about my experience, I want them to feel like a goddess. Since that day, I have seen couples walk into their set, nervously and come out relaxed and obviously turned on.

The look on a mans face watching his partner pose sensually, is priceless!! Anytime I have an offer for these pics or sets I do not say no. I don’t give myself much time away from my home, family, but this is one splurge, I run to. Kim Ackerman has been an amazing photographer for so many reasons. She knows her craft, she tells you exactly what to do, where to put your arm, bend your elbow, you don’t need to do anything but listen to her and show up sexy as fuck. She has been with us for a few months now and I think the results speak for themselves. If you have not given yourself the gift of a professional photo shoot, then now is the time. Goddess is the only word that can describe how you will feel not only after, but during your time with Kim. You never know until you try….. Xoxox Em

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