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Top 10 list for anyone considering a lifestyle change or twist….

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

From the desk of Sabine, the party👑

1. What are we looking for? It is important that BOTH answer this one--- ladies don’t be shy!! I have found that most men get really turned on by our fantasies, not upset by them…

2. What kind of play are we ready for? Soft sway, full swap, same room,together, alone, hall pass….there are so many options!!! Find others that you feel comfortable with and that you both agree to, the rest will fall into place. And you CAN change your mind!!! Really you can.

3. Is there anyone that I can talk to or consult with? I have been hostess for almost 5 years, I am expert in nothing, but I do have some really great practical advice that stem from my experiences and I check my emails all day long, so if you want to reach out, please feel free. I make no promises, but I try by best to be helpful.

4. I say this the most—” Play your way, and letting the woman lead isn’t a bad idea………..I have seen the best of people when the lady is relaxed and confident and not worried. I say this because women have the most hang-ups. We can be really hard on ourselves, cant we?

5. Going to a party is not a promise to anyone for anything! Party, have fun, check out the scene, mingle. If you play you play and if you don’t- I promise you will have a lot to talk about for a while!! Meeting a couple is not a promise to anyone for anything! Even if this has been discussed prior to the meetup. Be open and honest and kind to one another.

6. There is always tomorrow, even if it is with a different couple or event or scene. The community is huge and worldwide filled with sexy bodies waiting to meet new people! The St. Louis scene is growing and there are so many groups to check out, you will find a place where you fit.

7. Talk talk talk talk…. Get to your feelings and hangups, don’t bottle that part. You will have moments of stress and frustration, we all do. You will meet people that you do not mesh with, you will go to parties that you do not enjoy, but you will learn and that is the most important objective.

8. I won’t tell you to watch your alcohol, be more social, forget everything you think you know… You are grown and have partied before… This is your life, your journey, you’re the boss, not me, not anyone else…. Just try to be mindful and in the moment and always be there for one another. Savor the memories because life is too short babe.

9. I have been witness to more strength between couples and in their love life than I ever thought possible in any relationship, lifestyle or not. That is truth and I know that my life is better for it. We all have so much to learn from one another, so much to offer as well.

10. This is a platform to let your inner slut shine!! So, take advantage of it!! Find your place, your people, your happiness, your way, your adventure. 🙂

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