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Who is tugs nation tactical underground society?

Updated: Apr 20, 2023


TUGS NATION tactical underground society Lifeinstyle nsw2023
TUGS NATION Veteran owned and operated

We are all trying to pick those theme outfits, packing the coolers, getting things gathered for

the Room Crawl and preparing for the biggest lifestyle event of the summer with Lifeinstyle!!

Take a deep breath, sit with us for a moment and enjoy another INFLUENCER SPOTLIGHT FOR #NSW2022

We took the time to meet another amazing couple---TUGS NATION!!!! We met Jeremy and Erika last year at their first National Swingers Weekend event. Such a fun couple and we love their LS inspired merchandise. Thank you TUGS for taking the time to let us know a little about yourselves and your cool brand.

Picture of a couple having fun in the pool at NSW2022 Lifeinstyle party
J and E from TUGS NATION at #NSW2021


Hey guys!! Can you tell everyone how you heard about Lifeinstyle?

On the TUGS NATION Facebook page, we asked our members where the best pool party in America was—NSW came out as #1!! We went to the party, and it did not disappoint!! We are back again for the people, the vibe and that sexy PANDA!! You can find us in our room hosting parties, or in the pool!! DON’T MISS OUR TUGS NATION MERCH TABLE EVERY DAY AT CHECK IN – IN THE LOBBY AND THEN ON SATURDAY WE WILL BE NEXT TO THE POOL FOR A FEW HOURS!

Tell us a little about yourselves

Erica from Massachusetts and Jeremy from Colorado, currently living in Alabama. We are a military family with more than 34 years combined service in the US Military. We love spending time with our dogs, all of them!

picture of TUGS nation apparel for Lifeinstyle
Check their merchandise!

How did TUGS NATION started?

TUGS nation began during Covid, we created our Tactical Underground Society and have had a great time travelling around the country and meeting people. We both enjoy crafting, so we began making t-shirts’ along with swimwear and hats, stickers. As for the future of TUGS Nation we are still trying to figure that out, we never thought that we would get this far!

Oh, before we go, just want to say that Jeremy loves Crocs and dressing up in onesies. Find us on FaceBook, we post our new items there as well as pics that we get from our members in our merch.

Any advice that you can give to any new couples in the Lifestyle?

When you’re headed to a party or event, leave your expectations at home, let loose and live a little!!!


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