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V Halloween Lifeinstyle Event MMXX

So, we think you might agree that this year has been beyond strange and sometimes difficult for so many reasons. We’ve been looking forward to Halloween with so much more excitement because we need to break away from the madness. we need to let it all go and to think of nothing but a good time that lasts if possible.

Halloween has always been one of the biggest Lifeinstyle events, one that gets mentioned in conversation time and again. Reminiscing about the crowd, the costumes, the music, the hilarious antics that happen: these things just cannot be forgotten, and this year is shaping up to be just that. German beer on Friday and a wild party on Saturday can only leave us with a sense of relief and more memories to help us along.

We hope to meet lots and lots of new faces this weekend, and for everyone to take a break from adulting for a day or two. Lets have a great time and recharge so that we can get through 2020, the cold months and all the yucky stuff with a smile on our face as we look back at the crazy things that we did at the Halloween party for swingers. we know you’re going to be glad you came, so let’s get slutty!!!!

Your hostess,


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