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From the desk of Sabine, the party 👑.

HEY EVERYONE!! A letter from lockdown:

We’re worried about everything and everyone these days. Cancun is empty, those poor folks don’t have social programs to turn to in hard times, and oh how I would do ANYTHING to be on the beach!!! LA and NY have National Guard to answer to. Illinois is clamping down on us, to keep us safe. What will businesses and families do if this lasts? How long can this continue?

All questions swirling in our households daily: constant noise in our heads….. One of our kids lives in San Diego, there’s no hope of seeing her in the near future, WOW!! that hurts. She’s a young adult, but always a little girl to us.

We have a great friend who’s high risk, by doctor’s orders, she’s quarantined at home alone. Man, we want to hug her so bad! She’s our cuddle buddy and an amazing lifestyle person, we hate seeing her so isolated.

Situations like these get us down, but we feel like some lucky fucks for having crossed paths with all of you!!!

Partying was our outlet, our date night, we worked so hard for those events and looked forward to each one. The people, the music, dancing, being free, the whole experience…It all seems so far away now, and all of you too. Lu and I both work tirelessly, planning, setting up, but the reward was getting to know all you amazing, beautiful people that chose to attend and be part of our Lifeinstyle family.

We’re so very thankful for your sexy personalities and hot bodies too!! Even before the Governor issued a Stay-in-Place Order, our family voluntarily decided to stay inside and have no contact with anyone. It’s now been 8 days and it’s starting to take a toll. EIGHT. DAYS!!

Our teen is restless and wants to run free, (SO DO WE CHILD, SO DO WE!) Lu and I have dedicated ourselves to our family but just like all of you, we’re missing the taste of freedom our Lifeinstyle events provide. That hurts a little bit! I mean we definitely have a blast together as a family, we know how to have fun, but grown ups need other grown ups….. if you get what I’m saying!

You know it’s a dire situation, like a Pandemic when I’m only having sex with my husband! A little lifestyle humor there.

Please know, we have NOT stopped planning for the future. If nothing, this is giving us more time to brainstorm! Hell, we may have events lined up for a solid 24 months by the time this madness ends.

Hang in there with us, because all of this is nothing without all of you!! We’ve said it 1000 times—our parties are only as good as the guests that show up. What is a cool vibe without cool people after all?

So, we just wanted to let you know that we’re thinking of everyone. We’re worried, concerned, planning, and being as proactively positive as we can and WE WILL BE BACK!!

You know as well as I do, the next party we have will be EPIC! Plus, we made a new house drink today to memorialize this crazy shit—THE QUARANTINI!! It’s pretty delicious! just wait… it’ll knock your pants off!

In the down time, please, please, please join us in the fun we’re having on FB and join our SKYPE calls too! Let’s laugh, drink, smoke, be naughty, act crazy, and most of all make some GOOD memories during these dark and stressful times.

So, hug each other, love one another, keep your friends close in thought and spirit and hold on to the good times. Lu and I would love to see some past pictures of our peeps hugging and being great to each other as a reminder of what we’ve had and what’s to look forward to having again! 😊Here’s our pix…

XOXOXO SABINE your amiga and hostess XOXOXOXO

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Christine is also high risk so we totally understand your cuddle buddy’s situation! It sucks! But we have to stay positive and resist fear! Thanks for your blog!! Stay healthy and sexy!

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