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You might already have an idea of what to expect…. Back it up and start again, for your own sake. Every single couple is on a journey, and they play the way that they are prepared for. Please do not assume that you know what will happen. You play a certain way right now, you are looking for something, as are they. These couples are the most playful, not-pushy, people that you might ever get the pleasure of meeting. Give it a chance, make the jump, see what happens. It is possible that you party and have a great time and go home without ever touching another person sexually… its going to be worth it, promise, because you have one another, and you have opened your mind to a new experience.

This is a lifestyle, not an instant life change, not a quick decision. The people that you will meet have the ability to change your perspective. Do you want to spice up your life? Do you want to party with a different crowd? Most importantly, are you ready for some real fun? That is what you are about to walk into. Nothing more, nothing less, just a really good time. Having an adventurous life and a really good time is your choice.

Give it a shot, especially if you and your partner think that you might be ready for a twist. This is not your neighborhood bar, pub, or game viewing night. These are real parties with real couples, also pretty damn amazing. This journey is yours and we have a lot to offer, on so many levels, but only if you are both on the same page and willing to take the first step, together.

Come have some fun with us!! Dance, laugh, enjoy life and bond in a way that perhaps, you never have before...

Em, your Lifeinstyle hostess

for questions or support regarding the lifestyle email

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