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Has this ever happened to you? 12 most EMBARRASSING moments in the Lifestyle

1. Loose your panties/undies and either search for them or go home commando or loose a sock and it’s negative 20 in the Midwest… going home with a frozen foot in misery, after a full-on mind-blowing adventure.

2. Grab your coat and just leave the event naked underneath only to realize the moment you climb into the uber, and your driver catches a glimpse… Grab the “oh shit” bar and get ready for either silence, or eye contact and loads of questions!!! 3. Have a great time with another couple, then run into them at the next party and can’t remember their names, or half the fun that you had because it was all so mind blowing 4. Run into a coworker or neighbor at an event. Do you hide from them or just walk up and say hey? 5. See people from the party the next day at breakfast and someone walks up and hands you your panties in the restaurant? 6. Avoid certain conversations at the water cooler at work, because you know that you are going to say something awkward about the pineapple party supplies that you don’t want anyone else to be suspicious about.

7. Have several totes in your house that include all your party clothes and t-shirts that you can’t wear around family or coworkers, because you know that they will ask you questions that you know they are not ready for an answer to. 8. Must rethink your outfit every time you leave the house because you have so many swingers event t-shirts and they have the most damning sayings and information of how big of a slut that you have become. (Thanks, TUGS NATION, lol!)

9. Been questioned by your uber driver about the place you are headed to and explain your extremely slutty clothing choices or costumes for the evening.

10. Been in an elevator on your way to an event and dressed in your crazy sexy dress and had a small child comment on how pretty you look... with the mom and dad looking on in disbelief and shock. 11. You find a used condom in your cowboy boot and realize that it looked like Nascar on a rubber change out!! 12. Drop us a line in the comments and let us know a hilarious moment that you have had in the lifestyle or at an event… you know we love to hear from you guys 😉 and if you have a picture to prove it – even better…

Em, Lifeinstyle

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